Sensory Regulation

Therapeutic play

Peace through play.

What is therapeutic play?

Fun should be accessible to everyone. Therapeutic play helps children with sensory and motor disabilities express their emotions, make friends, and regulate themselves. The Synapsory’s Sensory Solutions are designed to make therapeutic play accessible, safe, relaxing, and inclusive.

What are the benefits?

Children with developmental disabilities may react differently to certain fabrics, sounds, sights, and smells. Sensory spaces and the use of calming kits provide an opportunity for kids to be themselves and have their sensory processing needs met with specially designed toys, games, and equipment.


Sensory & motor rooms

Space to relax and recharge.

We design sensory and motor spaces to regulate children and give families a chance to break patterns of isolation. Things that once seemed unattainable — a chance to rest, regulate, and renew — are possible when visiting a Synapsory space. This provides true respite for families; after all caretaking for a child with diverse abilities can be exhausting and isolating at times.

The whole day is better after a visit to a Synapsory space.

– Mom of a child with diverse abilites

Regulation and relief

In a Synaposry space, kids experience therapeutic play, and sometimes make their first-ever friends. Parents get relief, reconnect with their partners, or simply take a moment to breathe.

Safety and expertise

Our spaces are havens— and children with developmental disabilities are safe and welcome. Every detail is developed and vetted by experts and parents who ‘get it’, where applicable spaces are staffed with trained professionals.


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Home Support

Bridging the gap at home or on the go.

Our home support kit and materials include tools that can help ease sensory overload and offer respite quickly when it is sorely needed. Items have been selected to provide a portable solution to an overwhelming moment, whether it is a scary moment during a hospital visit or the hustle and bustle of home life.

My son was scratching his arms and when he engaged with the sensory circle he stopped hurting himself. Thank you!

Each Calming Kit includes:

  • Synapsory Calming Cards with tips just for you
  • A range of toys that utilize different sensory regulation techniques
  • A convenient bag to keep them all together, ready to go wherever they are needed

The Synapsory Snuggle is a weighted lap blanket with color-changing lights and many other features:

  • Light pressure from weighted blanket relaxes the nervous system and can lessen anxiety
  • Slow changing color light calms, soothes, and provides sensory regulation
  • Fabric variation provides tactile input
  • Machine wash and dry when light is removed


My son was anxious in the surgery waiting room, we were able to distract him with the items in the kit. They provided sensory input and regulation.

To request a Synapsory Calming Kit or Synapsory Snuggle for your family or to gift one, please complete the form below. You will be contacted, via email, to confirm the specifics. Please note, turnaround time for delivery varies.

Donations are accepted through our secure account using The suggested donation of $100 covers the cost of the items as well as postage or delivery. Contact us if you have a larger need.

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Community Partners

Empowering Local Advocates

At The Synapsory, we are passionate about educating and equipping local groups to have more positive interactions with children with developmental disabilities. By providing churches, police stations, and hospitals with sensory regulation kits, we are empowering first responders and caregivers with tools to better deescalate situations with children who are feeling overwhelmed.

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Help us end social isolation.

The families of children with diverse abilities are experiencing life on the sidelines. We want to bring them out into the world and help them access the support systems they need. To do that, we need others to grow their hearts and minds. The Synapsory provides online and in-person training sessions to groups interested in how they can help make life easier for families of children with diverse abilities.

Be a part of our mission

If you have an opportunity, even for a second, to interact with these children, to help a child who has special needs, take it.

-Mom of a special needs child

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