Help Us End Social Isolation

The Families Of Children With Diverse Abilities Are Experiencing Life On The Sidelines. We Want To Bring Them Out Into The World And Help Them Access The Support Systems They Need. To Do That, We Need Others To Grow Their Hearts And Minds.

What is therapeutic play?

Fun should be accessible to everyone. Therapeutic play helps children with sensory and motor disabilities express their emotions, make friends, and regulate themselves. The Synapsory’s Sensory Solutions are designed to make therapeutic play accessible, safe, relaxing, and inclusive.

What are the benefits?

Children with developmental disabilities may react differently to certain fabrics, sounds, sights, and smells. Sensory spaces and the use of calming kits provide an opportunity for kids to be themselves and have their sensory processing needs met with specially designed toys, games, and equipment.


We design sensory and motor spaces to regulate children and give families a chance to break patterns of isolation. Things that once seemed unattainable — a chance to rest, regulate, and renew — are possible when visiting a Synapsory space. This provides true respite for families; after all caretaking for a child with diverse abilities can be exhausting and isolating at times.

The whole day is better after a visit to a Synapsory space.

– Mom of a child with diverse abilites

Regulation and relief

In a Synaposry space, kids experience therapeutic play, and sometimes make their first-ever friends. Parents get relief, reconnect with their partners, or simply take a moment to breathe.

Safety and expertise

Our spaces are havens— and children with developmental disabilities are safe and welcome. Every detail is developed and vetted by experts and parents who ‘get it’, where applicable spaces are staffed with trained professionals.

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      Young Innovators Academy

      The Synapsory has given a gift to the community of Oviedo, Florida, by donating a Synapsory sensory/motor room to the Young Innovators Academy.  

      On May 17, 2021, Mayor Megan Sladek along with Erika Seger, Director of Young Innovators, joined us in the ribbon cutting/grand opening.

      The Synapsory room will be used on Saturdays to provide a free respite for families who have children with specific needs.  During the week, it will be used for children who struggle with sensory processing, and need sensory regulation.   The room is always staffed with Synapsory-certified facilitators.

      For more information on Young Innovators Academy, please visit their website at

      Ribbon cutting for the Synapsory Room at the Young Innovators Academy in Oveido, Florida.